Keyflow® Stay Cool™ - 15 Kg

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Keyflow® Stay Cool™ A non-heating muesli with cool calorie sources used to provide sustained, slow release energy.
Protein 11.5% - fat 4.8% Fiber 16%
Form: Muesli
Perfect for:
• Horses and ponies in light work
• Leisure and pleasure riding
• Pony club, games and riding club horses
• Low level competition horses and for health maintenance
• Where low starch, comprehensive nutrition is required

Key Points:
• Digestibility is greatly enhanced through pre-digested (cooked) ingredients
• Delicious attractive muesli
• Contains Beetroot - a natural, healthy source of fiber and anti-oxidants
• Stabilized Rice Bran - provides calm calories
•Cold Pressed Rapeseed Oil - a superior Omega 3 source
• Contains Pre-Biotics and Protexin® Pro-biotics - for gut health and feed utilization


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