Keyflow® Perfect Balance™ - 15 Kg

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Keyflow® Perfect Balance™ Pre-digested comprehensive balancer with added omega 3 and specially selected proteins. A low sugar, fully steam extruded, concentrated balancer which provides a sophisticated package of quality ingredients, delivering perfectly balanced micronutrients and specifically selected proteins. With essential amino acids, Tryptophan and L-Threonine, for added focus.
Protein 22% - Fat 12%- Fiber 2.75%
Form: Extruded Nugget

Perfect for:
• Horses and ponies on high fiber diets
• When low starch, low sugar nutrition is required
• Horses on stall rest or in light work
• Overweight horses or ponies
• Barefoot or laminitic horses or ponies
• Adding when feeding less than recommended levels of other Keyflow® feeds

Key Points:
• Comprehensive, high spec nutrition that delivers outstanding results
• Perfect springtime nutrition to support spring grass
• Max digestibility is achieved through the pre-digestive feed technology wet steam extrusion
• Extremely versatile, can be fed to a wide range of horses and ponies
• Feed with Pink Mash® as a base or feed to complement the rest of the Keyflow® range
• Very economical with a low cost per day to feed


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