Keyflow® Sensi-Care® - 15 Kg

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Keyflow® Sensi-Care® Pre-digested palatable soothing muesli with multi-source fiber and Protexin® probiotics.Easy to digest, non-heating cereal free nutritional care for sensitive horses and ponies.
Protein 14.8% - Fat 9% - Fiber 21%
Form: Muesli
Perfect for:
• Confidently feeding to horses and ponies prone to gastric ulcers
• Soothing and settling nutrition for sensitive, stress types and those with erratic behavior
• Building condition for horses and ponies struggling to maintain weight
• Tempting fussy feeders or those lacking appetite
• Tricky horses and ponies which are susceptible to tying-up
• Safe weight gain for horses and ponies prone to laminitis or with PPID (Cushing's)
• Supporting quality muscle development and repair
Key Points:
• Free from cereal grains
• High in multi-source fiber to support a diverse microbiome
• Very low sugar and starch
• Non-heating cool condition builder
• Protexin® probiotics in-feed-formula to increase beneficial microflora
• Prebiotics to target and remove unwanted bacteria
• Added Omega 3 fatty acids (ALA) for all round health and vitality
• Elevated levels of antioxidants
• Coconut flavoring to tempt the fussiest and pickiest eaters
• Free from molasses
• Concentrated formulation, you can feed less but keep your horse in great condition
• Mixes perfectly with our market leading Pink Mash®


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