Keyflow® Maestro® - 15 Kg

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Keyflow® Mastro® Ideal feed for performance horses and ponies. It provides long lasting cool energy for a heavier work load while never contributing to hot behavior.
Protein 13.5% - Fat 7.3% - Fiber 14.5%
Form: Muesli (Extruded & Micronized)
Perfect for:
• Sustained release energy and power for dressage horses or ponies
• Controlled release energy for high performance eventers
• Driving horses or ponies
• Showing horses or ponies
• Hunter/ Jumpers
• Where sustained release energy is required

Key Points:
• Allows for maximum digestibility through wet steam extrusion
• A comprehensive high specification competition mix
• Contains Beetroot - a natural source of nitrate and antioxidants for muscle function
• Key-Plus™ stabilized rice bran provides easily metabolized cool on-demand energy
• Rich with Omega 3 through the use of cold-pressed rapeseed oil
• High levels of world leading Protexin® Pro-biotic for improved gut health as well as pre-biotic


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