Halter Size Chart

Types of Halters:

Turnout Halters - Single buckle crown (attaches to buckle on the left side), flat throat, regular nose.


Choice of Adjustable or English Chin Do have options with throat latch snaps.


Sale Halters - Double buckle crown, rolled throat, dark brown oiled leather. Choice of Regular Nose or Triple Stitched Nose.


Choice of Adjustable or English Chin can use this widget to input text into the page.

Halter Features:

Double Buckle Crown Adjustable piece behind the ears


Adjustable Chin - has a buckle on the chin strap to make the chin adjustable for a better fitting halter.


English (Non-adjustable Chin) -has a ring that lays flat under the chin and can not be adjusted around the mouth.


Regular Nose - Flat, unlined nose


Triple Stitched Nose - Three lines of stitching on the nose, doesn't add to the durability of the halter, Just more aesthetically pleasing. Most common style 

We believe a properly fit halter is as important as the leather quality for a lasting halter.
We recommend if you have not purchased halters from us before to refer to the Halter Size Chart to compare our sizing to a halter you already have.

Keep in mind most of our halters do not have a throat latch snap. Options under the Menu Category "Halters with Throat Snaps".