Cavalor® Perfomix Feed- Sport Level 3 - 44 lb

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Form: Textured


Cavalor® Perfomix Daily Energy Dose for Performance
Cavalor® Perfomixis a well-balanced feed suited for active competition horses intended to be fed in addition to the daily ration of hay and water.
Formulated for: A textured feed containing all the nutrients that active competition horses need for light to average work.

Protein 11% - Fat 4% - Fiber 11%

This feed contains all the nutritional elements needed by active recreational and competition horses engaging in average to intensive work. It includes a combination of key elements including copper, zinc and manganese to provide ultimate support for joints, bones and tendons.

  • Made with top quality proteins, fats and easily digestible cellulose. Perfomix is the preferred choice for horses needing additional energy beyond the energy available in Action Mix.
  • Arti Pro provides extra support for the joints through elevated levels of copper, zinc and manganese. This provides maximum support to the joints, skeleton and tendons during extra exertion.
  • Yeast Plus stands for the presence of live yeasts that favourably influence the composition of the intestinal flora. As a result, there is less acidification in the large intestine.
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