Cavalor® Silhouette Mix Feed- Fiber Care - 44 lb

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Form: Muesli


Cavalor® Silhouette Mix - Fiber Care Fiber/protein-rich mix to stay in shape or lose weight healthly

Formulated for: Easy keepers (Sport) horses, ponies as well as overweight (sport)horses, ponies.
Protein 24% - Fat 4% - Fiber 19%

  • Safe and healthy weight loss In limiting energy intake, it is crucial to meet the need for essential nutrients such as protein, vitamins and minerals.
  • Lose fat, not muscles - Contains high-quality, easily digestible proteins with an amino-acid profile close to that of the horse’s muscles. This ensures muscle retention in the event of weight loss.
  • Low in starch 6% and sugar 5% – low caloric intake | energy from fiber - In addition to limiting feed intake, increase the intesity of exercise for the most efficient result

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