Cavalor® Fiberforce Feed- Special Care - 33 lb

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Form: Muesli


Cavalor® FiberForce is a high-fiber mixture with a very low sugar and starch content. Its effect has been proven scientifically. This feed is ideally suitable for horses with a sensitive gastrointestinal tract, nervous horses, horses sensitive to overburdened muscles and the so-called easy keepers.

Cavalor® FiberForce contains long fibers and extruded fiber pellets. Digest Control guarantees the lowest starch and sugar content, which has a particularly positive effect on the bowel function.

Cavalor® FiberForce ensures that your horse is healthy from the inside out!

   • For horses and ponies suffering from:
      - Stomach ulcers
      - Stomach and intestinal disorders
      - Insulin resistance
      - Laminitis
   • High-fibre content (25%)
   • Low sugar and starch (8%) content
   • High fat content
   • Free from whole grains
   • Formulated without gluten

Feeding Directions:
As a supplementary concentrate in addition to sufficient roughage (hay and straw) max. 1 kg FiberForce.
As a complete feed for horses in a particular condition, experiencing problems with hay intake, max. 2 kg FiberForce.