L-Arginine AKG™ - 1 lb

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Peak Performance Nutrient™ L-Arginine AKG™ , supports normal blood-oxygen levels.

Known as the “New DMG,” L-Arginine AKG supplementation supports the levels of arginine and glutamine in skeletal muscles which can support the immune system compared to animals not receiving L-Arginine AKG. L-Arginine AKG also provides support to help stimulate Nitric Oxide production. As nitric oxide levels increase, vasodilation (the widening of blood vessels) occurs so more nutrients, amino acids, and oxygen can be delivered throughout the body and into the cells. L-Arginine AKG may also be beneficial for horses that founder by providing support for improved blood flow.

Up to 45 servings.
L-Arginine AKG can be used as a replacement for or in addition to DMG.


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