Kinetic™ Vet Equishield™ SB (Sun Block) - 1 lb

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Kinetic™ Vet Equishield SB (sunblock) with SPF 30, is a specialized formula for horses that not only addresses the sun burn on the white unpigmented skin but also the secondary issues associated with the skin damage in horses. Usually secondary dermatitis and irritated skin occur along with aggravating flies. Equishield SB addresses all these issues. Zinc oxide helps prevent sunburn and aloe vera soothes irritated skin. Chlorhexadine is added for the dermatitis and citronella helps repell insects. Combined, this innovative product covers all the bases.


    • Soothing zinc oxide based SPF 30 ointment with aloe vera
    • Treats dermatitis and repells insects
    • Good for muzzle burns and irritation
    • Also good for other unpigmented skin on lower legs with dew poisoning