Hallway® Feeds Poize® Feed - 50 lb

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Hallway® Feeds Poize® is a premium quality textured sweet feed intended for mature horses experiencing light to medium levels of activity.

Formulated for: Acive Mature Horses
Protein 10% - Fat 5% - Fiber 16%
Form: Textured

Wrapped in a light coat of molasses, the combination of top quality rolled and whole grains with an addition of highly digestible forms of fiber, like beet pulp and soy hulls, make Poize an extremely palatable and digestible product. In addition, Poize features the highest quality chopped North American Timothy and Alfalfa to enhance the nutritive package.
Poize is fortified with Stamm 30®, the industry’s most highly valued equine protein, vitamin and mineral supplement. Stamm 30 is the mechanism for providing bioavailable sources of critical micronutrients to the active, mature horse.


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