Hallway® Feeds Equibility® Feed - 50 lb

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Hallway® Feeds Equibility® is a fully fortified pelleted feed, formulated for the active, mature horse. Manufactured with sources of soluble fiber and vegetable oil, Equibility provides long lasting energy release and controlled performance. Diets with elevated grain levels may result in a horse that is difficult to handle. Equibility is calorie-dense, but "non-heating"- perfect for horses that are difficult to handle or mentally too "high."
For Maintenance of the Active Mature Equine
Now fortified with Buffered Mineral Complex (BMC)

Formulated for: Active Mature Horse
Protein 12% - Fat 8% - Fiber 15%
Form: Pellet

Edge Technology® based products are formulated using "super-fibers," which are digested as fiber in the cecum, but have the unique ability to provide readily accessible forms of digestible energy. Readily digestible fiber sources are complimented by the addition of vegetable oil, which is 2 ¼ times more energy dense than cereal grains.

Equibility is fortified with Stamm 30®, the mechanism for providing bioavailable sources of protein and critical micronutrients to the mature horse.


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