Hallway® Feeds Encompass™ Balancer - 50 lbs

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Hallway® Feeds Encompass™ Feed is a highly concentrated source of proteins, vitamins, and minerals designed for the supplementation of all classifications of horses and ponies. When pasture or hay maintains appropriate body condition there is no need to supplement the mature or growing horse calorically. Fed correctly, it provides the levels of critical fortification required.
Formulated for: all classifications of horses and ponies
Protein 25% - Fat 3% - Fiber 6.25%
Form: Cube

It is an extremely palatable and easy to use 1/2 inch cube. Encompass™ is often preferable in outside feeding scenarios where the minimization of waste is a critical concern.
Feeding Instructions:
Encompass™ is designed to be fed at 1-3 pounds per day depending on the horse’s size, body condition, stage of development or reproductive stage. Always provide clean, fresh water and high quality hay.

  • Formulated for use when Caloric Supplementation is Unnecessary
  • Assures Appropriate Protein, Vitamin and Mineral Supplementation
  • Uncomplicated, Efficient and Versatile Application
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