Bag Balm® - 4.5 lbs

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Vermont's Original Bag Balm® antiseptic helps heal cuts and scrapes plus maintains natural skin moisture. Soothing lanolin treats cracked heels, galls, cuts, hobble burns. Spreads easily. Stays on.

INDICATIONS: For chapped conditions and superficial abrasions. Effective on sore udders for mares who's foals are energetic nursers. This protective ointment helps to keep superficial tissue moist and soft

DIRECTIONS: Massage thoroughly and allow ointment to remain for full softening effect. Bag Balm contains lanolin and stays on to provide moisturizing and softening. For people and pets, apply bag balm liberally to the affected area. For use on mares, thoroughly wash udder before treating. Apply Bag Balm freely and massage gently with this proven ointment twice daily. This product contains no alcohol.

WARNINGS: In case of deep or puncture wounds seek medical help. Discontinue use if rash or irritation occurs.


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