Life Data® Adrenal Formula - 11 lb Bag

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Life Data® Adrenal Formula For Support of Horses Prone to Cushing's
Designed to help promote:
• Normal Adrenal Gland Function
• Improved Glucose Metabolism
• Rebuilding Healthy Connective Tissue
• Regulation of Thyroid and Adrenal Hormones

Life Data® Adrenal Formula provides active ingredients that can benefit horses with PPID, or Cushing’s Disease. The active ingredients may help improve glucose metabolism, regulate adrenal and thyroid hormones, and improve metabolism. It also provides antioxidants and active ingredients to rebuild healthy connective tissue. Life Data® Adrenal Formula was developed utilizing blood test results derived from the Life Data® Research Program.
One bag of Life Data® Adrenal Formula is a 30-day supply for the average 1,000 lb. horse.


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