Wiser Concepts® BoneWise™ - 20 lb

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Bone Wise™, a vitamin and mineral supplement to support bone development in horses of all ages. BoneWise™ positively affects the maintenance of optimal bone remodeling and healthy bone density. The unique calcium and trace mineral source found in BoneWise is derived from a calcareous marine alga known as Lithothamnion. The natural minerals in this exceptional ingredient are easily digested and absorbed by your horse.

Bone remodeling occurs continuously throughout your horse’s lifetime and is essential to the maintenance of soundness and longevity. Remodeling is the process by which old or damaged bone is removed and new, strong bone is formed to replace it. Remodeling ensures the existence of a strong skeletal system.

In order for bone remodeling to take place, your horse needs an adequate supply of readily available calcium and a host of other trace minerals, including boron and silicon. Vitamin D also plays an integral role in bone metabolism. All these nutrients are provided in BoneWise™.

   • Delivers the readily absorbable, natural calcium required for bone remodeling
   • Maintains optimal levels of bone density when horses are most at risk for bone loss
   • Provides additional trace minerals used to build strong bones
   • Supports enhanced bone mineral content and bone turnover that encourages the swift repair of microdamage
   • Supplies yeasts that support improved mineral and vitamin digestibility
   • Sustains vitamin D at levels necessary for healthy bone development

Recommeded for:
   • Confined to a stall for any reason
   • Competing regularly
   • Exhibiting signs of bucked shins, osteochondritis dissecans (OCD), and other developmental bone diseases
   • Growing (weanlings, yearlings and 2-year-olds)
   • In training
   • Laid up
   • Racing
   • Recovering from a skeletal injury
   •Third trimester broodmares


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