Tribute® Foal Paste - 30 mL

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Tribute® Advance Paste® is an oral paste packed with critical nutrients and direct-fed microbials for horses of all ages.

Key Benefits:

      • Provides critical nutrients for horses, especially foals, during times of stress (evidence of developmental orthopedic disease (D.O.D.), intestinal stress, transportation stress, or antibiotic therapy).
      • Supplies nutrients that may be deficient in mare's milk for faster-growing foals who have greater risk for D.O.D.
      • Probiotics to support early establishment of beneficial gut microbes in the foal.
    Performance Horses:
      • Higher levels of vitamins A, E and C -- antioxidants shown to support immunity.
        • Provides an encapsulated direct-fed micobial, which:
          o May aid in the digestion and absorption of nutrients.
          o Shown to create a protective barrier against pathogenic microorganisms.
          o Can positively affect the immune system

      Beneficial during stress:
        • at weaning
        • after treatment with antibiotics
        • during transport or regrouping of horses
        • with diarrhea - stress-related or foal-heat
        • when recovering from disease or surgery
        • when feed is changed abruptly


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