Total Respiratory & Endurance Paste - 15 mL

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(Ramard) Ramard has created the next generation in respiratory support, Total Respiratory & Endurance. This powerful proprietary Ramard formula has never been available until now. A product contains Clarisol (TM) ws created which would maximize oxygen capacity, support the body's ability to fight mucus, and combat seasonal allergies.

This is exactly what Total Respiratory & Endurance will deliver. Total Respiratory & Endurance supports the body's ability to fight off a variety of challenges that may lead to respiratory distress. Horses will experience enhanced performance and race times due to its enhanced oxygen utilization.

Directions for use: For use in horses and ponies only. Administer 1 syringe for 1,000 lb of body weight as needed for mucus buid up, seasonal allergires and enhanced oxygen metabolism. Results noticed with 1 hour. Dosage may be increased to 1 syringe every 12 hours. Or as directed by your veterinarian.
Total Respiratory and Endurance remains effective for 24 hours.


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