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(Source) Provide micronutrients to your horse that he won't get anywhere else. The unique blend includes cold-water seaweed meal, a rich source of many beneficial nutrients. Used by horse owners for over 25 years, many owners and trainers report shinier coats, stronger, more flexible hooves, and increased stamina. The combination of seaweed meals is carefully selected, harvested and low-temperature dehydrated to the manufacturer's exacting standards. Source contains no fillers, binders, preservatives, artificial flavorings or colorings, or added chemicals of any kind – just all-natural, concentrated herbs of the ocean. Nutrients are in biologically active, naturally chelated forms. 1/2 oz scoop included. Original Meal contains 5 different kinds of organic seaweeds and is easy to top-dress or mix into your horse's daily feed ration. 1/2 oz scoop included.


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