Sore No-More® Classic Poultice - 5 lbs

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Sore No-More® Classic Poultice, combines our original, time-tested herbal formula with bentonite clay for a soothing poultice that’s easy to apply and remove. A safe, gentle formula for effective cooling and swelling relief.

   • Cools and soothes areas of swelling, edema, heat and inflammation.
   • Excellent hoof packing and drawing agent for abcesses, infections and bruises.
   • Applies as smoothly as a cosmetic facial mask.
   • Simply brush off or rinse off for easy removal or leave on when done.
   • Safe for long term, daily maintenance.

   • Inflammation relief: Draws out inflammation by doing more than just drawing out fluid. Pulls out heat, toxins and fluid while stimulating circulation and cooling the area. There is no better combination to reduce pain, swelling and infection.
   • Safe for hands and horses: All-natural formula is silky smooth and gentle on horses with sensitive skin. It’s safe enough for your own hands to use without gloves. No blisters or burning commonly found with traditional liniments. Safe to apply and use under wraps, bandages, paper or plastic.
   • No waste or mess: A little goes a long way with the equivalent of nearly two full bottles of herbal liniment in each 5 lb tub. Simply apply a thin layer to cover the area. No need to cake on to improve effectiveness. The smooth arnica cooling clay is easy to apply without lumps or mess.
   • Easy removal: No need to wash or scrape off. Simply brush off when finished. Safe to leave on the skin or hooves without removal. Easily rinses off if desired.
   • Injury prevention: Use before and after exercise to reduce the risk of injury. Reduces swelling to keep your horse comfortable and limber. Cooling effect relaxes muscles and reduces tension for rapid recovery.
   • Multi-purpose: Versatile horse poultice reduces swelling in areas such as the legs, ankles, knees and hocks. Draws out bacterial and fungal infections. Use as a hoof pack or drawing agent for abscesses. Not for use in open wounds.
   • Calming scent: Soothing lavender is relaxing for both horse and rider.


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