Redmond® Crushed Salt Garlic- 5 lb

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Redmond® Rock Crushed Salt Garlic A completely natural granular mineral sea salt. It contains a complete balance of over 60 trace minerals—plus combines the pest-repelling power of garlic. It’s also naturally rich in selenium and supports good gut health. Redmond Rock Crushed with Garlic naturally repels flies and insects and contains 60+ loose minerals horses need. Give your horse the health-promoting benefits of minerals and garlic and reduce painful bites and stings.

Feeding Instructions: Add the recommended dose to your horse's daily feed. We recommend starting with the garlic in early spring and feeding through summer and fall to be most helpful with pesky flies.

SMALL HORSE (300 - 600 LBS) - ½ to 1 Scoops
MEDIUM HORSE (600 - 1200 LBS) - 2 Scoops
LARGE HORSE (1300 - 2000 LBS) - 3 Scoops


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