Red Mills® - PerformaCare Balancer Horse Feed - 55 lbs

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Connolly's Red Mills® PerformaCare BalancerA nutrient rich balancer specifically formulated for the performance horse, with added RED MILLS Nutrition Care Package.
Formulated for: A horse on a forage only diet, top dressing as a ration balancer for adding vitamin & minerals to a calorie-controlled diet or to increase the nutrient intake for stressed, growing or performance horses.
Protein 30% - Fat 4.5% - Fiber 10%

Key Benefits

    • Complete source of vitamins an minerals for health and performance
    • Complete range of amino acids for muscle and topline
    • Supple Plus Formula for joint health
    • Contains MOS, FOS and Yeast
Feeding Directions
Feed alone as concentrate: 3.5 oz/ 200 lbs body weight
Top Dress as a concentrate: 1.75 oz/ 200 lbs body weight


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