Purina® Omolene 400® - Complete Advantage Horse Feed - 40 lbs

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Purina® Omolene® 400, a complete textured feed with forage build-in for breeding and competition horses.

Formulated for: The complete nutritional needs of competition and breeding horses. Specially formulated for horses that are heave prone or allergic to dust and mold found in hay or other foodstuffs.

Protein 12% - Fat 5.5% - Fiber 18%
Form: Textured

Key Features:
Highly Digestible Fiber A calorie dense complete feed with a
Gastric Support Formulated with Outlast® supplement to support gastric health and proper gut pH
Healthy Appearance Contains Amplify® High-Fat Nugget to maintain body condition, shine and bloom
Low Dust Ingredients Designed for horses with respiratory or dietary sensitivity, this formula contains no barley, oats or alfalfa
Loose Beet Pulp Shreds An excellent source of fermentable fiber for sustained energy


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