Purina® Omega Match™ Ration Balancing Horse Feed

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Purina® Omega Match™ Ration Balancing Horse Feed A Timothy-Based Ration Balancer High in Omega-3 Fatty Acids.

Formulated for: Recommended for Any Life Stage including Breeding & Growing, Performance, Senior and Special Needs.

Form: Pelleted

Key Features & Benefits:

  • Protein, Vitamin and Mineral Fortification - A concentrated formula to fill nutritional gaps common in forage or unfortified grains.
  • Balances Omega Fatty Acid Ratios Feeding Omega Match™ Ration Balancer as the sole concentrate ration to stalled horses for 11 weeks resulted in the development of similar omega fatty acid ratios to horses on pasture.
  • Natural Source Vitamin E + a Full Supplemental Level of Biotin Formulated with only a natural source of Vitamin E. When fed as directed, supports optimal Vitamin E levels and provides 15 mg of biotin to support hoof growth and repair.
  • Formulated Without Formulated without soy, alfalfa, corn, wheat and molasses to support horses with sensitivities to these ingredients.
  • All the Goodness of Pasture Without the Guilt Controlled starch and sugar formula with no molasses that results in minimal glucose and insulin response to feeding
  • High in Fat and Fiber, High-Quality Protein + Individual Amino Acids Inspired by the protein content and quality of fresh pasture. Suitable for horses in light to moderate work.
  • Gastric Support Formulated with Outlast® Supplement to support gastric health and proper pH

    Its specially formulated by PhD equine nutritionists with ingredients and benefits inspired by feeding fresh pasture, but without the drawbacks of too many calories or soluble carbohydrates. Our limited-ingredient formula addresses common sensitivities while meeting your horse’s nutrient requirements and providing the fatty acids and antioxidants naturally found in green grass. Purina® Omega Match™ Ration Balancer provides a way to .ll in nutritional gaps, whether your horse has a busy competition schedule with limited turnout or cannot graze green grass due to metabolic concerns. It’s a great way of ensuring your horses get the nutrition they need, no matter their forage source.

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