McCauley's® Alam® Pellets - 50 lbs

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Form: Pellet


McCauley's® Alam® Pellets is formulated for nutritionally-challenged horses.

Protein 11% - Fat 6% - Fiber 20%


    •Reduced levels of sugars and starches
    •Sources of usable calories for horses intolerant to typical grains
    •Designed to maintain optimal body condition
    •Contains flaxseed as the only grain and no molasses
    •Formulated for nutritionally-challenging conditions
    •Approximately 3/16 inch diameter pellets

Alam® is the ideal solution when:

    There is a need to avoid grains:
      •Horses prone to founder (laminitis) – to maintain a healthy body condition without the dangers of common grains or feeds.
      •Respiratory problems such as heaves or Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease (COPD) due to dust from typical hays and feeds.

    A higher energy diet is required:
      •Extremely thin horses who need to gain weight quickly.
      •Horses already consuming a large quantity of grain or feed and still below ideal weight.

    Chewing is difficult:
      •Poor or missing teeth
      •Damaged jaw
      •Nerve damage

    Gut function is below normal:
      •Horses prone to colic
      •Aged horses whose gut function is no longer optimum
      •Recovering from abdominal
      •Recovering from gastroenteritis
      •Glucose intolerance
      •Poor absorption in the small intestine

    A mash is required:
      •To add to the water intake, particularly during cold weather.
      •To mask an unpalatable medication (Add 2 parts boiling water to 1 part of Alam® by volume to make a mash of good consistency. Allow mixture to cool before feeding.

    HYPP positive horses:
      •Low in potassium. Alam may be fed as the total diet or with grass hay for HYPP positive horses.

Feeding Recommendations
Feed ½ to 2 lbs. per 100 pounds body weight per day.


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