Laser Sheen® Concentrate Refill - 12 oz

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Laser Sheen® Dazzling Shine & Detangler
Gives Your Horse a Beautiful Showring Look
Whether you're in the showring or trail riding with friends, you want your horse to look and feel his best. Laser Sheen® Dazzling Shine & Detangler makes grooming a breeze, providing him with a radiant shine and flowing mane and tail. Available in a ready-to-use spray or an economic concentrate. 12 oz makes one gallon.

Features & Benefits:

    • Show-stopping, high-gloss formula produces a radiant shine
    • Detangles manes and tails, leaving them shinier and more manageable
    • Won’t make hair brittle and minimizes breakage
    • Repels dust, dirt and stains to cut grooming time in half
    • Showring shine lasts a week!
    • Also available in 32 oz. Ready-To-Use size


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