KER® EquiShure® Powder - 18 kg (39.7 lb)

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KER® EquiShure® is a time-released buffer targeting the hindgut. Research supports the use of a hindgut buffer in cases of high grain and high fructan intake. Up to 70% of the horse’s energy is derived from fermentation in the hindgut. The pH of the hindgut varies as bacterial populations increase and decrease in response to dietary modifications. An acidic shift, which can be caused by carbohydrate-rich meals, favors the growth of acid-loving bacteria, while other microbes die in the same conditions.
300 Servings per 18 kg Bucket.

Features and Benefits

  • Encapsulation technology allows for targeted delivery of sodium bicarbonate to the hindgut and prevents significant changes in blood CO2 levels
  • Stabilizes hindgut pH to reduce the risk of hindgut acidosis and associated disorders
  • May improve feed efficiency
  • Helps maintain normal digestive function and an optimal hindgut environment.
  • Encourages proper digestion & absorption of nutrients.
Recommended for horses:
  • On high-grain diets or grazing lush pasture
  • With inappetence or weight loss
  • With unexplainable behaviour problems
  • With digestive upsets resulting in loose manure
  • Prone to recurrent mild colic
  • With clinical or subclinical hindgut acidosis
  • On restricted forage intake


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