Kentucky Holistic Hoof Oil - Quart with Brush

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Kentucky Holistic Hoof Oil is an important part of a total hoof care program. This pleasant smelling, premium blend of 100% natural oils will aid in keeping the hoof soft and pliable while promoting new hoof growth. Holistic Hoof Oil does not seal the hoof. It is absorbed by the hoof wall, softening and moisturizing to help prevent cracking and drying out.

INDICATIONS: Use When Needed.

DIRECTIONS: Clean the hoof ensuring that all stall debris and dirt are removed. Best used after removing the horse from the bath stall and drying the hoof. Apply on and around the entire coronet band and rub or brush into the hoof wall. May be used daily or as needed.

INGREDIENTS: A proprietary blend of Linseed Oil, Lecithin, Fish Oil, and Coconut Oil.

CAUTION: Keep out of reach of children. For equine use only. For external use only.


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