GreenGuard Premium Halter with Breakaway Leather Crown

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GreenGuard Premium Halter with Breakaway Leather Crown made with premium quality, soft to the touch nylon halter with an adjustable under throat design which adds greater security to keep the halter on even the trickiest "houdini" equine. Padded noseband and leather breakaway crown. Halter noseband has a center ring for attaching the front muzzle attachment strap. Center face strap connects the crown to the noseband to keep the halter stabilized.

GreenGuard muzzle sold separately, KBC Item # 19-5309.

For a return within 30-days: if the customer just wants to return the item for a refund (i.e. they do not want a replacement under our warranty), then they should return the item to KBC for refund.
For 1-year warranty requests: if the customer wants a replacement under our 1-year warranty policy, then have them contact Green Guard directly for a replacement muzzle."


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