Fungi Fixx - 15 oz

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Fungi Fixx used for minor treatment of all equine skin funguses, girth itch, summer itch, ringworm, scratches (dew-poisoning, grease heel, cracked heels), and rain rot. Drug-free and will not test. Promotes rapid hair replacement.

Ingredients: White petrolatum, vitamins A & D, lanolin, cod liver oil, mineral oil, flowers of sulfur, tolnaflate, polymiyxin B sulfate, cottonseed oil, cocoa butter, neomycin, bacitracin, zinc, zinc oxide.

Directions: For best results treating cracked heels, cleanse area, clip hair around lesion, apply ointment, cover pastern with cotton and bandage. For treating girth itch, ringworm, rain rot, etc. apply freely over affected area once a day.

Warning: For external use only. Store at room temperature.


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