Equiderma™ Neem Conditioner- 32 oz

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Equiderma™ Neem Conditioner drench your horses' skin and coat in nourishment with our powerhouse formula. This naturally hydrating and detangling conditioner strengthens, softens and soothes your horse's skin, mane, tail, and coat all at once to a silky, glossy glow while promoting healthier skin by alleviating dryness, itching, and dandruff. Watch as your horse’s coat dries to a brilliant shine.
Equiderma Neem Conditioner also packs plenty of brawn by helping to heal skin problems like rain rot, mane-and-tail itching, and other skin problems that plague your horses. It’s the perfect treatment for all- around great care. Great for all your barnyard friends including dogs.

Veterinarian Approved
Paraben- Free
Improves Skin Health