Corona® Ointment - 7 oz

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Corona® Ointment - Original Lanolin-Rich Corona Ointment temporarily protects and helps relieve minor cuts, lacerations, scrapes, rope burns, wire cuts, harness and saddle sores. Keeps affected areas soft and supple. Can be applied to Body and Legs.

HEAD AND FACE, UDDER AND TEATS: Soothes chapped or sunburned muzzles, irritated udder or teats.

HOOVES: Corona Ointment helps preserve the natural moisture balance of hoofs, helping to maintain suppleness of coronary band, horny wall, frog, and sole. Protects from drying, cracking, and splitting. Supports natural, smooth regrowth of hoof wall. Makes an excellent hoof packing. Useful for treating overreach injuries to coronary band.

PETS: Apply generously to relieve cuts, scratches, bites, paw sores, and minor skin irritations.


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