Constant Delivery Foal Aspirator/ Resuscitator Kit

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McCulloch Medical™ Constant Delivery™ Resuscitator
"Used by Veterinary Practitioners and Universities Worldwide" The revolutionary Constant Delivery Foal Resuscitator is ideal for use with newborn foals which have a heartbeat but are unable to breathe on their own. The compact, lightweight unit operates manually with a linear pump action capable of delivering up to 100% attainable oxygen concentration and has been proven to stimulate breathing with as few as 5-10 pumps. A patented, bi-directional valve allows low-resistance patient exhalation and can be used with a supplemental oxygen adapter, either with a mask or endotracheal tube. Clean in 1:20 solution of bleach and water.
Each Foal Kit comes with:

1 Constant Delivery Resuscitator Pump Unit

1 Resuscitator Mask

1 Aspirator Mask

1 Supplemental Oxygen Adapter

The Constant Delivery Resuscitator should be an integral part of every foaling emergency kit!


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