Back on Track® Limber Up Liniment Spray - 24 oz

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Back on Track® Limber Up Liniment Spray an all-natural refreshing mint liniment created to help improve suppleness and range of motion. Soothes overall aches, joint stiffness, strains and sprains, bruising, muscle, tendon and ligament soreness commonly associated with daily use and exercise.

Use under tack before exercise, under bandages, add to bath water as a brace or use straight from bottle daily or as needed.

   • Safe to use Safe to use full strength or in dilution under wraps or with Back on Track® Welltex® products and other types of therapy equipment and protocols.
   • Use full strength right from the bottle before exercise, under tack, to warm up muscles
   •Creates a stimulating and refreshing brace and wash to sooth and cool down after exercise
   • Use hot or cold as a massage rub
   • Apply directly to the hoof and sole if sore, bruised or overly moist

Our cooling and refreshing proprietary LiniMint™ base starts with:
   • Arnica – this herb has gained much recognition over the years as a great remedy for strains, sprains, bruising and relaxing of sore muscles.
   • Aloe Vera and Rosehip are revered for their wonderful properties for the skin.
   • Rosemary, Yucca Root, and a touch of Peppermint Essential Oil, are all used for their anti-inflammatory properties for arthritis, tense or strained muscles.
   • Witch Hazel provides for a liniment base that is naturally astringing, anti-oxidant, gentle, cooling, and non-caustic.


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