AccuBites™ Replenish 1.6 lb

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Manna Pro AccuBites™ Replenish
Supplements are only effective if your horse eats them. Introducing AccuBites™, a new line of supplement blends that take the guesswork out of supplementation.
Each formula is designed for palatability and has a unique shape and color that stands out when top-dressed on feed, so you can immediately confirm your horse’s intake.
AccuBites™ Replenish includes a convenient, carefully balanced combination of electrolytes and Vitamin E for immune health and electrolyte support during times of stress and physical activity.

• Replenishing Horse Supplement: Includes 27 oz. of precision horse supplement that stands out when top-dressed on feed.
• Hydrating and Supportive: Helps replenish electrolytes during times of stress and physical activity and encourages water consumption.
• Vitamin-Packed: Supports immune health with Vitamin E.
• Easy to Feed: Unique shape can be fed in small amounts during exercise or top-dressed on feed to maintain electrolyte balance.
• Highly Palatable: Made with a blend of real turmeric and molasses flavor your horse will love!

Each chew is approximately 5g. Feed AccuBites Replenish in small amounts during exercise or times of stress to help maintain electrolyte balance. Chews can be offered before, during, or after exercise or throughout the day during times of stress. Normal Activity-Cooler Temperatures 10 chews Engaged Activity-Moderate Temperatures 20 chews Heavy Activity - High Temperatures 30 chews Do not feed more than 30 chews daily. Provide access to clean water pre and post exercise.


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