Triple Crown® Stress Free™ Forage - 40 lbs

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Triple Crown® Premium Stress Free™ Forage A fortified forage supplement to support normal digestive health in all classes of horses with colonic ulcers and those who tend to go off feed. Triple Crown StressFree™ Forage is a highly palatable forage based supplement that will keep your horse eating.
Protein 14 % Fat 7% Fiber 25% NSC 9.2%
Form: Chopped

Additional beneficial ingredients include:

    • ButiPEARL™ Z EQ — butyric acid in an encapsulated slow release form helps guard against Leaky Gut and supports normal health and function of the digestive tract
    • Prebiotics and probiotics to help maintain a healthy gut and promote the growth of beneficial microorganisms in the intestine
    • Flaxseed oil, which is high in Omega-3 fatty acids and helps reduce intestinal cell inflammation
    • L-carnitine amino acids and MOS prebiotic to help with regeneration and repair while aiding in immunity
    • Essential peppermint oils, which offers enhanced aroma and palatability to the forage
    • Chopped alfalfa hay provides a buffering effect
    • Feed 2-4 lbs. per day — a little goes a long way

Formerly named: Triple Crown® Alfa-Lox™


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