Purina® Systemiq™ Probiotic Supplement 2 lb

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Purina® Systemiq™ Probiotic Supplement Optimizes the microbiome to support normal recovery after exercise and occasional gastrointestinal stress.
For over a decade, Purina has been studying the equine microbiome to help horse owners unlock new insights into their horse’s health. We looked beyond the usual expectations of what a probiotic can do. The unique and patented probiotic technology in Systemiq™ supplement survives when other bacteria strains don’t, remaining live and active through manufacturing and the horse’s gastric environment.

• Patented Probiotic Technology: Shown in research to support optimal digestive and immune function in horses, when fed daily.
• Remains Live and Active: Proven to survive through manufacturing and the environment of the digestive tract.
• Research Proven: Support for normal hindgut health and fecal consistency in horses stressed from exercise or other activities.


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