LifeForce™ Formula Elite Performance - 50 lb - 200 day Supply

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Lifeforce Formula®, a premium supplement that supports digestive health in breeding horses and moderately active leisure horses. Lifeforce Formula® is a daily nutritional supplement that consists of more than 30 years of Alltech’s scientifically proven, fully traceable technologies.
Product Features:
    • Helps support immune function
    • Supports the reproductive system of mares and stallions
    • Optimizes milk quality, which promotes healthy growth in foals
General Information
Specifically designed for improving reproductive health and developing equine athletes, Lifeforce Formula® allows horses to get the most out of their diets.

Guaranteed Analysis
   Zinc (min) 2,110 ppm
   Copper (min) 530 ppm
   Manganese (min) 350 ppm
   Selenium (min) 17.6 ppm

Directions: 2 scoops to the daily diet. The enclosed scoop holds approximately 1 oz.
1.7 kg = 30 day supply; 5 kg = 90 day supply; 25 kg = 450 day supply.


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