Crystalyx® Stable-lyx® Equine - 60 lb Block

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Crystalyx® Stable-lyx® is a unique, palatable, nutrient dense supplement designed for consistent self-fed consumption by all classes of equine. Stable-lyx® ensures daily intake of trace minerals and vitamins necessary for top performance.

Balanced Nutrition
   • Protein, mineral and vitamin supplement all in one convenient product
   • Elevated trace minerals and vitamins levels to guard against deficiency. 
   • All plant-based sources of protein

Enhanced Digestibility
   • BIOPLEX® organic minerals offer higher bioavailability than inorganic minerals
   • SEL-PLEX® organic selenium yeast is more digestible than inorganic forms
   • Yea-Sacc® yeast culture enhances fiber-digesting bacteria, supporting fermentation of feeds and forages in the cecum

Better Nutrition = Better Performance
   • Enhanced mineral nutrition can help improve conception rates and allow mares to give birth to thriftier foals
   • Added biotin helps improve hoof health and durability
   • Proper mineral nutrition can help in exercise recovery and help horses deal with stress

Controlled Intake
   • Highly palatable to encourage consistent, daily intake
   • Licking action required for consumption keeps bored horses occupied
   • Block hardness naturally self-limits intake by preventing biting and chewing


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